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Caroline Wilson
Speech and language therapist

"My two little boys loved Boomer and Blanky on the farm” and enjoyed reading it over and over again! The story is wonderful, involving lovely animal vocabulary with beautiful pictures. I would highly recommend this book for children of all ages."

 Gemma McNally
Speech and Language Therapist

"The Boomer and Blanky books are a great addition to any library.  The repetitive nature of the books is great for language learning in the early years. Early vocabulary and concepts are introduced in a fun, captivating story with beautiful illustrations. Sure to be enjoyed by children of all ages."

Oonagh McClean
Paediatric Social Worker

"The Boomer and Blanky Children books are  colourful and fun. Children learn through repetition and these books do not disappoint. Young children will love the Boomer and Blanky  characters and the simple story lines.A “must” for your children’s library and story time."

Pauline Fitzsimons
Early Year's Leader

"What an enjoyable book to read. Introduced Boomer and blanky at story time to children. The vibrant colours and illustrations captured their interest from the onset. The story, the pictures , the repetative language and phrases were easy for their recall. They enjoyed listening in a group or "reading" independently. Looking forward to more adventures from Boomer and Blanky."

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